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Hair Services

Hair is the crown we never take off. The hair industry had its share of triumphs and successes propelled by technology.  We maintain to adapt with the most modern technology to ensure that we give the highest level of performance that fits the hair needs of our clients from hair cuts and styles, colorings, treatments, Rastas, and a lot more!

Hair Trimming
Manicure & Pedicure

We are never fully dressed without manicure and pedicure! Our nail technicians are well-experienced to give our customers the most luxurious nail treatment, art, and colors. We shade life with colors along with the nails of our clients and make them more beautiful and fancy.

Blue Nails on Green
Face Esthetique

We use the most modern technology and expertise to make sure we are always up to date on our procedures and practices. We have a broad range of services included facials, eyebrow shaping, eyelash extension, makeup masks, and many more. Our well-equipped specialists are very willing to assist our clients in starting to be refreshed, renewed, and relaxed.

Model Applying Cream

We can make art on each face. Because we believe that each face is an art! Our makeup artist is adding some professional touches and voila your face is glowing. We love to see happiness. We love to prepare our Guests for special occasions like a first date, corporate event, or exciting photo shooting.

Makeup Artist





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