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The Infinity of Beauty & Relaxation.

About Us


We are the sanctuary of beautification, relaxation, and artworks. We provide the most luxurious and highest international standards of beauty and wellness experience. 


Our goal is to be the number one service provider of choice when it comes to beauty and wellness industry. The people behind the scissors, combs, hands, and other salon and spa equipment are all well- trained in the core of their specialties. We are happy to serve our clients beyond their immediate needs. 

 As one of the most leading beauty and wellness provider, we are all over the UAE just to make sure we attend to the needs of our clients and to those who wish to experience the luxurious way of our brand. We are very dedicated to innovate and exceed the dynamic international standards of beauty and wellness industry. We are here to serve! We are Avitane!




Spa Body Therapy

Avitane's Unique service offered by educated medical therapists who helps to remove tension, pain, and even health problems. The wellness treatment combined with a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere of the SPA.

Back Massage
Unforgettable Massage

The art of Avitane massage and different techniques can provide a wonderful sense of relaxation, and restore calm and balance to your body and mind. We combined therapists from around the world to provide the best possible experience of massage.

Oil Massage
Signature Treatments

We are proud of the unique combination of our best spa treatments and body therapies, which will de-stress the mind and give a special feeling of relaxation and peace.

Reiki Treatment
Couple Treatments

In Avitane SPA, we genuinely understand the importance of quality time with a loved one or friend by relaxing and unwinding with these wonderful treatment collections.

Head Massage





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